It has been over 8 years that I’ve been involving in wedding industry.
8 years journey that made me whole. My found a passion for love. It completed me, love that is.

Imaging a greatest day with open sky,
here comes the luckiest bride with her man holding her hand.
Love flies in the air. Cheerful smiles that appear all over grand parents, they’re complacent.
Laughter and joy of relatives, friends and kids.
Some are flooded with the tear of happiness, some are telling funny jokes with giggling noises,
and some are loaded with boosts,ready to fall off the chair.

Big amount of bride wealth or just a simply priceless ring.
Grand wedding ceremony or just anywhere between the two.

I’m in love…
with every bit and second of joy that runs through cinematic wedding.
I’m in love…
with the process of turning a concept into a visual reality of one’s dream wedding.
I’m in love…
with expression in their faces telling how much they love what they see my work.

I’m in love just like you.
I’m take anything for granted to bring your dream and turn it into an experience of the lifetime.

believe me, that I will make the best.

Best Regards,
“A” Jirasak Pamkasem